"STATUS OVER TIME" Visualization

The status over time visualization provides an immediate view of the overall health of your fleet of devices (Cellular EcoPort UCM devices). 

Each row represents the status of one online device over time. The time horizon is set by the date picker in the top right of the dashboard. Only the devices that have been online for the selected time period will be shown. For devices that were offline during the selected time period, see the "TIME LAST SEEN" Visualization. 

Each colored rectangle refers to one hour of communication. As each UCM communicates to the server at a minimum of once every 5 minutes, the colors indicate how many 5-minute intervals did not have any communications for that device. These intervals are not necessarily consecutive. 

Green indicates that up to three 5-minute intervals were missed. This means that, at worse (i.e., if the intervals were all consecutive), your UCM was offline for 15 minutes. Yellow indicates that up to six 5-minute intervals (up to 1/2 hour) were missed. Red indicates that greater than six, 5-minute intervals were missed. 

Hovering over any of the rectangles provides detailed view of that interval for that given device. 

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