What happens if I shut off my smartphone or computer?
The device will function normally using the settings and schedules you have set up until you change them.

Will the SkyCentrics app use the data allowance on my phone?
The SkyCentrics app is designed to use a minimal amount of data. It will use data only when you are using it over the cellular network. It will not use data when your phone is connected to Wi-fi. Check with your service provider to see how much data you are using.

Is the SkyCentrics platform secure?
"We use the latest technology to make sure your data is kept secure, and your water heater under your control. The best way to stay safe online is with a strong password:
1. Use a combination of numbers, letters and special characters (e.g. #, $, @)
2. Avoid common words or phrases, your name or sequences (e.g. abcde, 12345)
3. Do not use the same password for multiple websites or devices
4. Do not tell anyone your password"

How will you use my personal data?
We will share certain limited data such as your account number and home address with your utility for billing purposes. We will never sell your data to advertisers.

What happens when I move out?
Your device will disconnect when a new router is installed or the password is changed

Where do I find support for my AC?
For issues with your Mitsubishi mini-split AC contact [xxxxxxxx]
For issues with the app or portal contact SkyCentrics: support@skycentrics or 415 xxxxxxx
For questions about your electricity account contact [xxxxxxxx]

Can I control my AC without my phone or computer?
Yes. You can use the normal controls on your water heater at any time. This will override the current scheduled settings until the next scheduled change.
You can switch back to the schedule at any time by opening the app and selecting

Is my device compatible with my AC?
Your smartphone or table must run the Apple iOS version 9.0 or later, or the Android operating system version 4.1 or later, and be able to connect to the internet via Wifi.
If you are not able to use your smartphone or tablet you can still control your water heater from the web portal

Can I use more than one device to control my water heater?
You can connect up to [xxxxxxx] smartphones or tablets to your water heater. In addition, you can control your water heater from any computer with a web browser.

What do the "Operating States" mean?

 What does utility "Event Type" mean?
A few times a year your utility will change the settings on your water heater to balance the grid. This is called "Load Shifting" and is achieved either by turning your water heater up to use more energy (Load Up), or turning it down (Load Shed) to use less. "Event Type" tells you what the utility is doing at that time and how it may affect you.
Load Up: the water heater is turned on to absorb excess capacity on the grid like at times when wind or solar are producing a lot of electricity, or when a "Shed" or "Critical Peak" event is planned so you do not run out of hot water.
Shed: the water heater is turned down to reduce load on the grid. The water heater monitors the temperature of the water in the tank to ensure you do not run out of hot water.
Critical Peak Event: a more aggressive version of a shed where there is a risk of running out of hot water if you use a lot during the event.
Grid Emergency: the water heater is turned off and will not switch in any situation, even if you run out of hot water.

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